Horb eco-f410 esd blowe เครื่องล้าง esd เครื่องล้างไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ เครื่องเป่าไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ พัดลมล้าง esd

SKU: Horb eco-f410
Horb eco-f410 esd blowe เครื่องล้าง esd เครื่องล้างไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ เครื่องเป่าไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ พัดลมล้าง esd Horb eco-f410 esd blower ionizing blower esd blow

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Horb eco-f410 esd blower horizontal ac ionizing blower

about it

eco-f410 horizontal ac ionizing blower features large air output short neutralization time etc it s the ideal static-eliminating and dust-eliminating device for plastic process optics instrument glass process and so on equipped with crosscurrent type fan and with excellent performance little noise and large air output this blower can protect products in transit from being second contaminated it also can supply warm air and the environment temperature can be increased by 2-3celsius when heater is turned on for this feature it is more suitable for areas where the temperature is lower


working voltage 220v 50hz or 110v 60hz

working current 1 5amps or 3 0amps

air output 200cfm max

ion balance 10v

working distance 300mm-1800mm

working temperature 0celsius-50celsius

working humidity 35dgc 75dgc rh

materials cold rolled steel plates

dimensions d210mmxw390mmxh115mm

color off white

weight 7 6kg

testing conditions

distance unit mm time unit s

testing instrument me268a 20cmx20cm charge type electrostatic analysis instrument test voltage decrease from 1000 to 100v

testing environmental temperature 25celsius humidity 55dgc 5dgc parameters may vary with environments

installation and use

fix position.

the eco-f410 horizontal ac ionizing blower should be fixed in effective coverage of 300mm-4000mm note place the ionizing blower on the table-board or fix it on the proper plane

power source

eco-f410 horizontal ac ionizing blower requests normal working voltage is 220v 50hz single-phase ac electricity the ionizing blower must be connected with grounding cord to ensure safe and effective operation

warranty promises

from delivery date on we offer one year warranty

if the equipment is used abnormally no warranty is available

if no authorization forbid to refit or replace the parts of the ionizing blower

if service or test is needed please send this equipment to local supplier

eco give solemnly promises

al customers enjoy 2 times inspection for free in warranty period and in the meantime we will provide testing reports

eco will supply spare parts for replacement and maintenance in order to ensure that the products can be used normally in maintenance period

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