ESD Antifatigue Mat in Roll M30-M-000 Korea

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ESD Antifatigue Mat in Roll M30-M-000

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ESD Antifatigue Mat in Roll is made of environmentally friendly foamed PVC mixed with carbon free 

ESD agent. This mat can be laid down in wide area without size limit, where workers are standing or 

moving around, to release workers' fatigue on their foots and legs, as well

as to give an excellent electrical pathway.

This mat was originally developed for the floor applications, however, thanks to its premium 

embossed design and good ESD reading, optionally, you may lay it down on the top of work tables, 

assembly lines, etc. too.

Heat treated embossed surface looks luxurious, and it will be durable and less deterioration by 



Premium embossed surface

Homogenous foamed PVC(DOP free PVC)

Carbon free(Non-metal type)

Excellent electrical properties and performance

RoHS complianance

Minimal shrinkage and no curling

General Information
Origin                                Made in Korea
Item Code                           M30-M-000
Material                 Foamed PI/C + ESD Agent
Thickness (mm)                      8 ± 5%
Width (cm)                    90, 100, 120, etc.
Length (m/roll)                          10
Colors                                Grey, Brwon

Technical Data
Item                                          Unit                                      Value                                 Test Methods                                         Ref.       
Tensile Strength                 Mpa (psi)                            7.4 (1067.9)                        ASTM 0 412-1998,
                                                                                                                                             A METHOD
Elongation                                  %                                       225.3                  
Tearing Strength           kN/m (bf/inch)                      27.00(154.1)                        ASTM D 624-2000
Hardness                                 HDA                                    64                                    ASTM D 2240-2003
Resistivity (RTT)                         Ω                                  10e7-10e8                          ASTM D 257-1999                    22 degree C +/- 3,
Resistivity (RTG)                        Ω                                   10e7-10e8                          ASTM D 257 1999                         RH 60% +/ 5

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