Amada Miyahi LMF Series Yb Fiber Laser Markers เครื่องเลเซอร์มาร์คเกอร์

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Amada Miyahi LMF Series Yb Fiber Laser Markers เครื่องเลเซอร์มาร์คเกอร์ เครื่องเลเซอร์มาร์ค. LMF Series Yb Fiber Laser Markers.

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Amada Miyahi LMF Series Yb Fiber Laser Markers เครื่องเลเซอร์มาร์คเกอร์ เครื่องเลเซอร์มาร์ค.

LMF Series Yb Fiber Laser Markers.

The LMF Series laser engravers combine cutting-edge technology with industrial robustness for a wide range of marking applications. This versatile series has numerous performance options to match the right laser to the application. The system is designed with multiple integration options to suit standalone operation, full production automation and prototype development. Owners of the LMF series also benefit from Amada Miyachi America’s commitment to providing industryleading customer support.

Key features.

1. 10-100 W fiber laser markers.

2. High-power, high-speed laser marking system for metals, plastics, and ceramics.

3. Excellent contrast and crispness of annealed and engraved marks.

4. Air-cooled, sealed industrial package designed for operation in harsh environments.

5. Powerful control software with industry standard programming.

6. Multiple integration options to match application needs.

7. Complies with IEC13849‐1 category 3 PLd safety circuitry with proper integration.

8. Marker Motion™ unit comes with integrated stage controllers for up to 4 axes.

Marker selection guide.

Amada Miyachi America offers a wide range of lasers to correctly match any marking application. The table below highlights the choices in laser power and typical applications for each laser.

Soft wear features.

1. Powerful, user-friendly Windows based job editor.

2. WYSIWYG what-you-see-is-whatyou-get editing.

3. Easy to import graphics.

4. Multi-Language support.

5. Advanced DXF filter with process optimization.

6. Password protected security lockout.

7. Touch Screen GUI Enabled.

8. Windows XP and Windows 7compatible.

Marker option.

1. Galvanometric scanner, XY - Standard.

2. XYZ and rotary stages (Optional).

3. Automation: I/O control, 4-axis motor control, time delays, and custom operator messages.

4. On-the-fly (Optional).

Accepted file types: .dxf, .dwg, .plt, .emf, .wmf, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .cdr and .ai.

Mark type.

1. Line-art graphics: CAD, line-drawings, logos.

2. Shaded graphics: photos, halftones & grayscale artwork.

3. TrueType™ fonts, filled or outline-only.

4. Single point or drill object arrays.

5. 1D and 2D (Data Matrix and QR code) barcodes.

6. AutoDate, TextMerge, serialization, and barcode.

Marker motion.

Laser marking systems are often required to control one or more motors or actuators to execute complex production sequences. LMF Fiber Laser Markers have an integrated

motion system allowing the user to control up to four stepper motors (typically XYZ and Rotary) with integrated controllers using a the Winlase software interface for easy configuration and control without extensive hardware requirements.

1. Step and repeat marking.

2. Focal plane height adjust - adjust the height of the marker head to pre-programmed static positions to accommodate marking surfaces at different heights above the tooling plane.

3. Rotary - rotate a circular cylindrical part while marking to ensure mark completely wraps around part with no distortion or areas out of focus.


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