ESD Antifatigue Mat M15-M-003 Korea

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ESD Antifatigue Mat M15-M-003

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Polstar ESD Antifatigue Mats are suitable for assembly lines and other workplaces, where 

long-standing jobs are frequently required, to

reduce workers' fatigue from their jobs. Round shape rugged surface provides a finger-pressure 

therapy effect on feet, and also, PU material used as a cushion makes physical workers comfortable 

by helping to release the stress of the legs.

Specially designed and constructed ESD antifatigue mats not only have a good function to relieve 

the stress of the legs, but also give a quick pathway for the static electricity charged in human 

body to ground.

Type A are made of conductive NBR(Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber) and soft PU(Polyurethane)  sponge

On the other hand, they could be classified as a normal shape and an interlocking design by their 
edge designs too. The normal shape is suitable for an individual worker, while the interlocking 
design is ideal for wider area, where a certain whole place is required as "Antifatigue Zone" as it 
can be easily extendable to 4 directions by interlocking connection.

Material: Conductive NBR + High Elastic PU FOam
Color: Black
Weigh/mat: 2.1kgs
Thinkness: 16mm
Size/mat: 45cm x 60cm
Electrical S/Resistance: 10e5 - 10e6
Constructions: Conductive NBR, Polyurethane Foam, Conductive NBR

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