Atlas Copco VSD for water control

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Atlas Copco VSD for water control

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Atlas Copco VSD for water control

The second VSD regulates the water circulation pump optimizing water flow and maintaining stable vacuum levels throughout the operating range and pump running speeds. Coupled with the integrated inlet spray nozzles, the inverter driven circulation pump safeguards the LRP 700-1000 VSD+ performance even at lower inlet pressures. A patented algorithm to balance the operation of the water pump with the speed of the main motor brings a harmony between the twin VSD. Guaranteeing that the pump is always in a state of optimal performance and bringing maximum energy efficiency for our customers. The Automatic Seizure Prevention algorithm safeguards the LRP 700-1000 VSD+ by preventing the pumping element from seizure after a prolonged period of inactivity. The result - maximized lifetime and reduced maintenance requirements.

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