Amada Miyachi Fiber Laser Welder Multi Mode ML-6000 Series เครื่องเชื่อมไฟเบอร์เลเซอร์

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Amada Miyachi Fiber Laser Welder Multi Mode ML-6000 Series

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Model ML-6810C

Maximum power 1000W

Mode Multi mode

Pulse width REPEAT Standard:0.1~500.0ms (0.1ms step)

Setting switching:0.05~500.00ms(0.05ms steps)

CW Standard:0.1~1000.0s (0.1s step)

Setting swichging:0.001~10.000s (0.001s step), 0.01~100.00s (0.01s step), 1~10000s(1s step)

Repeated number of pulse / modulation 1~1000pps

Modulation function 1~5000Hz (rectangular wave, triangular wave, sinusoidal wave)

Oscillation wavelength Fundamental wavelength

Positioning guide beam Builtin visible larser (red)

Output stability ±2%less (Ambient temperature change+/-5℃ in the range), (Water temperature:21to25℃), (Cooling water flow rate18 to 20 L/min), (Irradiation time 8 hrs in the range)

Fiber optic delivery Single fiber delivery / 2 timesharing

Number of schedule 256

Measurement function Laser energy (J), Average power (W)

Counter Displays the total number of outputs (9 digits), Displays the total number of acceptable outputs (9 digits)

Displays the total LD ON time (7 digits), Displays the laser output time (7 digits)

Length of the laser controller cable 1m (standard) *Extension is opition

Laser controller and language Touch panel, Removal (Japanese and English are available)

Power supply / Beaker rated current 3-phase, 200-240V AC 50/60Hz / 40A

Power consumption Maximum:4.0kW / Standby 1.0kW less

Cooling method Water cooling (21 to 25℃)

Ambient temperature / Ambient humidity 5 to 40℃ / 20 to 85%RH(non-condensing)

*1: When the laser power supply cooling water is constant, eight hours

*2: Depends on the branch

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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