Carton microscope 1000x model csb-10

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Carton microscope : 1000x model CSB-10

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Carton microscope : 1000x model CSB-10

Carton advanced microscope Model CS series is the best choice for every applications owing to its excellent optics, reliable mechanism and versatility, designed for use by students in schools colleges, universities and professionals and specialists in the fields of medical, veterinary and scientific research. The CS offers more performance and value than expected.

General Features.

◆ Viewing Head.

360°Rotatable Siedentopf binocular head with 30°inclined eyepiece tubes. Large interpupillary distance adjust-able from 48mm through 75mm. A diopter adjustment ring is provided on the left eyepiece tube.

◆ Eyepieces.

Wide Field 10x Eyepiece, F.N. 18, Eyepoint 18, with retainer ring for attachment of reticle.

◆ Objectives.

DIN Acrhomat, Semi Plan, Plan, Plan Phase objectives or Infinity-corrected Plan objectives selectable.

◆ Revolving Nosepiece.

Inward-facing (reversed) Quadruple Nosepiece on ball bearing mount with click-stop mechanism for small and accurate operation. Quintuple nosepiece is also available as option.

◆ Focusing.

Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment with tension control ring and up-stopper to prevent accidental breakage of slide. 25mm coarse focusing range with 0.002mm fine focusing increments.

◆ Stage.

Large mechanical stage 141mm x 131mm, double plate layered, travelling through 76mm x 51mm with coaxial drive control on left hand. Right hand drive is also available as option. Two slides can be held at a time for comparison viewing.

◆ Stage Condenser.

Abbe type N.A. 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and swing-out filter holder, focusable by rack and pinion.

◆ Illuminator.

6V 20W halogen lamp or 3W LED with intensity control.

◆ Packing.

Styrofoam container.


Optional Accessories.


CS-MH Monocular head without eyepiece.

CS-BH Binouclar head without eyepiece.

CS-MH Trinocular head, Siedentopf type, w/photo tube and C mount tube.


M9261-103 Extra Wide Field 10x FN20 (pair).

M9261-150 Wide Field 15x(pair).

M9261-299 Wide Field 20x(pair).

Objective sets.

CDA520 DIN Semi-plan achromat 4x,10x, 40xR(sealed), 100xR oil.

CDA530 DIN Plan 4x, 10x, 40xR(sealed), 100xR oil.



M9260-1 Phase contrast accessory with achro phase 10x, 20x, 100xR oil & Plan phase 40xR, phase turret condenser, centering telescope, green filter, driver in aluminum case.

CDA550 Phase contrast accessory with Plan phase 10x, 20x, 40xR, 100xR oil, phase turret condenser, centering telescope, green filter, driver in aluminum case.

CDA551 Dark field condenser with Plan objective 100x with iris diaphragm.

M9260-2 Simple polarizing set.



Head is siedentopf binocular.

Eyepiecse is WF10x FN18.

Objectives is DIN achromat 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100XR Oil.

Condenser NA1.25 abble rack and pinion.

Stage is machanical stage.

Illuminator 6V20W halogen with dimmer.

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